Poker Tails (Online Game)

The $75,000 Poker Scratchers® Online Bonus Game Note: I collaborated with Art Director Mark Edwards on this project, who has his own copy of this project in his portfolio. The lottery came to our agency with a problem, they wanted to increase consumer participation after they bought their new $75,000 Poker Scratchers®. We came back with a solution that engaged the play aspect of the Scratchers® even if they lost on the acutal game they could enter their losing ticket into an additional drawings. We posed the question "What would happen if the famous "Dogs Playing Poker" painting came to life?" as the concept behind this website and poker themed Scratchers® ticket. As the consumer, we take you into the "Dog House" and sit you in the parlor where you get to call a dog's bluff by guessing their "tell" signs. Additional web pages give you glimpses of the different parts of the parlor. One other note: I had the pleasure of performing many of the voice-over clips of the dog sounds for the game. If you would like to try playing the game yourself, please follow the link above the screen shots. You can't win any money unfortunately, so the entertainment of playing will have to suffice.
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