Fruit Bars/Farmville

These are some sample from when I worked on the instant win promotion with Edy's/Dryer's Fruit Bars (now called Outshine) with the FarmVille game on FaceBook. This promotion was executed at a high time of FarmVille popularity, and consumers were able to win Farm Cash currency to be used within the game. As Edy's/Dryer's Fruit Bars are all natural and made of real fruit, it was a natural link to the popular farming game. In addition to the POS elements, this project required altering the design of 4 existing Fruit Bars packages during the promotion. I designed the on-package graphics and setup the final mechanical files. As the package files were built to integrate CMYK with spot layering, and the design required heavy manipulation of the existing design, it was one of the most educational projects I ever worked on relating to packaging design.

Packaging Graphics
Circular Ad
Blade Insert
Freezer Door Cling
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