Heinz Loves Food

Heinz was in the process of rebranding all of their lines of condiments for the foodservice industry. Per the client brief, the advantage for Heinz is that it is the one brand that can truly be a one-stop shop to supply every condiment you could possibly need as a foodservice operator. Heinz truly goes on everything. So, we conceived the idea that Heinz actually loved food, all food. So the line Heinz Loves Food stuck, and became the foundation for a campaign to promote Heinz condiments as loving food more than anyone - they're the expert in the field. Whether you're serving up breakfast, lunch, or even salads, Heinz has the perfect, delicious compliment for that dish. While foodservice advertising can easily be plain and boring, I believe it can be much more compelling when you combine appetite-appealing food photography with a memorable message. Even though operators are primarily concerned with cost, everyone can respond to the element of appetite appeal. I think this is a good example of how to merge those two elements together.

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