What's Your Lucky Number?

This app was designed with for use on an experiential platform called ‘What’s Your Lucky Number?’ for the California Lottery, promoting their game Hot Spot. The app was designed to register Hot Spot players to participate in event activities, allow players to sign the required waiver form, take photos of players, and link them on where to retrieve photos and share them. Hot Spot plays very much like Keno. Players select and play numbers and win based on what numbers are randomly selected. The objective of the experiential events was to attract new players to the game, and to get existing players playing more often. The strategy was to help players help in select their own “lucky” numbers to help give them confidence to play Hot Spot. The brand ambassadors would use a random number generator to generate a series of numbers for the players to use playing Hot Spot. If the player played those “lucky” numbers, he or she would receive California Lottery branded prizes. The idea for the art direction was taken from the film ‘The Matrix’, where the screens of code were always moving down the computer screens. There was an obvious correlation here as far as finding your numbers from infinite combinations of numbers. This app was a great experience working with a UX designer to develop the user experience, and to design to an established framework in a digital medium.

Home Screen
Data Collection Screen
Photo Retrieval Screen
Waiver Liability Release Screen
End Screen
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