Luck Has A New Look

I had the pleasure of working with Mark Edwards on this project, who also has this project shown separately in his portfolio. This was the look of the promotional campaign for the California Lottery Black Scratcher ticket when it was released, taking assets originally provided by the ad agency David & Goliath and turning it into a successful retail level campaign. Most of the POS were printed on metallic substrate, which added a slick, premium feel to all the layouts. And many had blinking LED lights for added impact. The campaign had a unique upscale "salon" style that I've never seen duplicated on any other lottery-based game campaign. As the product required a higher price tag, it seemed appropriate. Additionally, as many distributors of California Lottery Scratcher tickets also sold coffee, we proposed the idea of giving away a free coffee (black recommended, of course) when you purchased a California Lottery Black Scratcher ticket. The trial rate was extremely high as a result of this promotion.

Playcenter poster
3D Wobbler
Portico playcenter insert
Banner (digital and print)
Window graphics (CVS store comp)
Promotional topper
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