Oberto–America's Protein

Oberto Beef Jerkey had recently undergone a brand image makeover for their full line of jerky products. Oberto had made the strategic decision to re-position itself as the perfect protein snack for consumers who live an active lifestyle. The overarching brand them was 'Eat Excellent, Be Excellent.' The new package design reflected this new positioning. Oberto planned to rollout a year-long promotion to introduce this new positioning into the market. The creative task was to come up with the an exciting promotion theme to promote this new brand identity. With the upcoming Winter Olympic Games of 2014, the chosen theme was 'Oberto–America's Protein'. The first phase of the rollout of this new branding identity began in 2014 and featured popular American snowboarder Louie Vito as a spokesperson—or as he later became known as the "Spokesperson", inspired by his most commonly-used adjective. Louie was the perfect choice to be the spokesperson for Oberto-America's Protein due to both the popularity of snowboarding as a highly popular physical activity, and also with the participation of Team USA in the upcoming Winter Olympic Games. Oberto-America's Protein was designed to rollout at a full retail level via a variety of applications and tactics. Several different videos featuring Louie Vito and Oberto were released and promoted on popular social media channels to create buzz and added excitement over the new product positioning. The creative design was inspired by the idea of "edgy Captain America", with lots of red, white and blue, along with lots of stars, stainless steel, and grungy textures to make it feel appropriate in reaching more of the "extreme athlete" crowd. You'll see that look and feel across every retail element designed.

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