Patrón XOvertime

These are some visuals from the proposed XOvertime promotion for Patrón XO Café, which is a coffee liqueur infused with tequila. As this drink is quite popular with people who enjoy good times in the early hours, we concerted a promotion that appeals to hipsters who are looking for the place to be late into the night. The concept visual conveys the essential idea of being notified on your mobile device where the official Patrón XOvertime after hours location is on hour before doors open. You are then given an exclusive pass that is redeemable from your mobile device to get inside the official XOvertime location. We also comped up a counter card and some bar/club merchandise such as custom Eyepster glasses and coin-toss coasters to decide which Patrón XO Café cocktail you should try. These 2 were my favorites. I collaborated on this project with Luis Camano (SVP Creative Director) and Carlos Musquez (VP Creative Director).

Concept visual
Promotion identity
Counter card
Eyepster glasses
Coin Toss Coasters
Shot glasses
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