The Love Guru at Cinnabon

Mike Myers loves Cinnabon. Who knew? Apparently so much that he wanted to feature Cinnabon (my client at the time) in his 2008 feature film 'The Love Guru'. The studio and Cinnabon agreed to promote the film property in Cinnabon bakeries alongside both their Classic Roll and a new flavor of their Chillatta frozen beverage line, temporarily rebranded as the L.O.V.E. Chillatta. I designed the POS and wrote the headlines. The character Guru Pitka uses a lot of subtle sexual innuendos in the film, and I created headlines that played off that style that the client and studio approved. While the film may be considered forgettable, the project certainly was memorable.

Menu Board Screen
Menu Board Screen
Translite Graphic
Oval Translite Graphic
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