Xymox Desk Kit

This was a project with which I collaborated with Carlos Musquez while working at AMP (before it became Mix Marketing). Xymox is company (once our client) that makes all sorts of high quality percussion pads and sticks. AMP was tasked with creating a publication ad to promote their full drum pad slab. We realized after playing on this full pad for days, that we started to play on our desks as though it were its own drum set. I remember saying my coffee thermos made a great snare drum. And there was how the idea arrived. So we took a photo of my desk at the time, and labeled the elements as though they were components of a drum kit. The image is then supported by a clean break of the logo and product shot. Mac users will be able to date this ad by looking at the keyboard and mouse on the desk. It's an oldie but a goodie in my world.

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