Simply Heinz
College poster designs
My client, Heinz Foodservice, wanted to offer its Simply Heinz brand of condiments in food service locations on college campuses and educational institutions. The insight was that more and more educational institutions placed high priorities on quality, taste and environmental consciousness when selecting what items they offer in food service.  The Simply Heinz brand offers all-natural condiments using minimally processed ingredients, with 30% of its packaging being made from renewable materials. Heinz wanted to create posters that promoted Simply Heinz as a brand conscious of the current food service needs of educational institutions. I created a design that conveyed the overall Simply Heinz mission and what they stood for, as opposed to just focusing on their food quality and taste. I called it 'Make A Simple Change.'  While reflecting on the desire to change your condiments to Simply Heinz, this campaign served as a rally cry to make changes that better your environment through very simple actions (reducing your shower time and not wasting paper). The design was graphically simple, but very effective at conveying its brand message and position.
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